The beginning of the persecution - Memory makes us free

The beginning of the persecution

It is not incorrect to say that in Germany at the beginning of the twentieth century Jews were, although a minority, well integrated, having embraced  the German language, culture, education and lifestyle. German Jews contributed greatly to science, literature, arts, and education and some of them were awarded the Nobel prize –first of all Albert Einstein– and had demonstrated their loyalty as citizens even in times of economic difficulty in Germany.

Adolph Hitler theorized the racial hierarchy in Mein Kampf (1925) and in many of his writings and speeches, aryanhegemony and the annihilation of Jews with inherited defects that would have invalidated the right of the Aryans to hegemony.

As soon as he conquered power (with fair and free elections) in 1933, he began the creation of a new socio-political order, progressively depriving Jews of their civil and economic rights

In September 1935, the racial laws passed in Nuremberg and established that “the purity of German blood is indispensable for the existence of the German people. The Reich’s citizen is only the one who has German blood derived from it.».

From then on it was a terrible escalation that culminated in the so-calledFinal solutionthat is, the systematic annihilation of all Jews”


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