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How were the camps organized?

Auschwitz was maybe the largest of the Nazi camps, about 150.000prisoners were crammed only in Auschwitz2-Birkenau, a real small town that was organised according to a hierarchical organization, even among the prisoners themselves. They belonged to work teams, called “Arbeitskommando” whichwere led by so-called “Kapo”; the larger teams also had multiple levels of command. The… Continua a leggere How were the camps organized?

How were the Jews identified?

On 15 September 1935 in Nuremberg there were all the conditions for implementing the most important anti-Semitic measures: A law to protect the purity of blood and German honour which prohibited both marriages and sexual relations between Jews and Germans. The Reich Citizenship law in which Jews were called “subjects”. On November 14, 1935, the… Continua a leggere How were the Jews identified?

The liberation of Auschwitz

The Auschwitz extermination camp was liberated on 27 January 1945 by Soviet troops, who found only a few thousand prisoners alive but exhausted of strength and energy; the others had been forced by the Nazis to walk west, in the so-called “death marches“ The Germans, before running away, had tried to burn and destroy all… Continua a leggere The liberation of Auschwitz

Who was protecting the Jews?

«Unfortunately, on October 16th my aunt Ida was deported, with my three little cousins… The sum of their age was 30… My brother, my cousin and I took refuge in the “Nobile di Mondragone”… we had documents and a new surname: “Sbardella”…» Graziano Sonnino’s testimony tells us that an open door, a refuge, a hiding… Continua a leggere Who was protecting the Jews?

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