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What is the Shoah?

If we wanted to remain silent for one minute for each of the 6 million Jews murdered during the Shoah, we would have to be silent for eleven long and silent years! The Shoah was the systematic murder of over six million Jews by the Nazi regime, its allies and supporters. The so-called “new order”… Continua a leggere What is the Shoah?

What does Holocaust mean?

The word Holocaust derives from Greek and successively from Latin. This term is the Greek translation of the Jewish sacrifice called “Olah” (raising) a sacrifice that is “burned”, and appreciated by God. The best-known meaning of this term is sadly connected to the persecution and extermination of about six million Jews, carried out by the… Continua a leggere What does Holocaust mean?

What is the Final Solution?

“The big mass of Germans always ignored the most atrocious details of what happened later in the Lager: the methodical and industrialized extermination on the scale of millions  of  people, toxic gas chambers, crematory ovens, the abject exploitation of corpses, all this should not have been known, and in fact few people knew it, until… Continua a leggere What is the Final Solution?

What is the Nazi propaganda?

The Nazi propaganda succeeded in using modern and pioneering techniques: simple messages which were capable of endear and emotionally reach out to the masses, together with extraordinarily strong and straightforward images. “It is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, it’s task is to lead to success” -Joseph Goebbels The 1933 is the turning point year… Continua a leggere What is the Nazi propaganda?

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