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The banality of evil

In 1963, the Jewish German philosopher Hannah Arendt, Heidegger’s pupil, published her book “The banality of evil: Eichmann in Jerusalem”, after having been a reporter for the “New Yorker” journal in Jerusalem, where the historical trial of Adolf Eichmann, who had been captured in Argentina, was held. Arendt’s thought is revolutionary under many aspects, to… Continua a leggere The banality of evil

Edith Friedman’s story

“I remember it was the beginning of March 1942. It was walking through the village that we saw that poster stuck on the walls of the houses. It invited, or rather, ordered all the girls to go to school on March 20th for a job, we were Jewish, and we couldn’t go to school. It… Continua a leggere Edith Friedman’s story

Lidice’s children

Following the Nazi occupation of Slovakia, the German general Reinard Heydrich was killed in 1942 in Prague, in an ambush organized by some Czechoslovak patriots (the so-called Anthropoid operation), who subsequently were quickly discovered by the Nazis and slaughtered in their turn. Hitler himself, however, decided to retaliate, rake and destruct, the 10th  June of… Continua a leggere Lidice’s children

Terezín, the movie of lies

Since 1942 in Europe, but not only , people had been wondering about rumours concerning the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps; in 1943 the Danish government was pressing hard to find out the fate of the 466 Danish Jews deported to Terezín, a ghetto city used as a transit camp before deportation to extermination… Continua a leggere Terezín, the movie of lies

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