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Crematorium ovens

When the Nazis solved the ‘’problem of mass extermination’’, adopting the use of gas chambers, another obstacle immediately appeared: the excessive number of corpses which were difficult to hide; therefore they decided to resolve the issue internally, in each field using crematorium ovens in order to cremate as quickly as possible reducing the corpse in gas and dust.

The first camp to be equipped with these ovens was Auschwitz, and the solution adopted proved to be very useful in concealing and at the same time burn the evidence of the crimes committed by the Nazis.

Forni crematori - Auschwitz 1
Cremation ovens – Auschwitz 1
Ingresso della camera a gas e del crematorio 1 di Auscwitz 1
Entrance to the gas chamber and crematorium 1 of Auscwitz 1 – Auschwitz Birkenau Memorial and Museum –
Ciminiera del creamatorio 1 di Auschwitz 1
Chimney of crematorium 1 of Auschwitz 1
Crematorio 2 - Auschwitz 2
Crematorium 2 – Auschwitz 2


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