Latrines - Memory makes us free


This is one of the many and most significant places where,  people can see how the Nazis managed to bury even the last glimmer of humanity left as a dowry to the poor prisoners.

The latrines were made up of many holes placed side by side, and were not equipped with a drainage system: an employee would clean them periodically, and this task was highly coveted among the prisoners: the excrement in fact naturally produced heat and the SS did not come near for the stench.

Latrine in baracca di legno - Auschwitz 2 Birkenau
Male latrines, – Auschwitz 2 Birkenau


And if we think that before this fetid wooden barrack, for the physiological needs of the inmates there were pits outside, in which prisoners often fell from exhaustion, the picture of desolation is sadly complete.

The “kapos” were even tasked with managing these activities and allowed only a few seconds for them to be accomplished.

Memory makes us Free - ISIS Europa