Roll call court - Memory makes us free

Roll call court

Habitual, tiring and alienating activities were how the prisoners spent their days. Roll call was a clear example of it. 

Piazzale dell'appello - Auschwitz 1
Roll call court – Auschwitz 1

The thousands of prisoners of the field had to stand during roll call which was held in this square. As the field, and the number of inhabitants grew, roll call was held in more places, but this did not make the activity less painful.

In fact, roll call lasted several hours and it was not unusual that some of the “guests” ended up  fainting, worn out by the fatigue of the previous days, but also by the bright hot sun,  snow and frost.

Obviously, Nazis who carried out the roll call were sheltered in wooden turrets.

Roll call during a day in Auschwitz- This Illustration was drawn in 1972 by a former prisoner of Auschwitz, Mieczyslaw Koscielniak, and is displayed in the Auschwitz 1 Square.


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