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Where did the Auschwitz prisoners come from?

Auschwitz was the biggest of all the concentration and extermination camps, hundreds of thousands of humans, from prisons, transit camps, concentration camps and ghettos in every corner of Europe were interned and murdered there.  This clearly shows how the Jews’ mass extermination was consciously planned and systematically implemented by the Nazis, with an enormous expenditure of mental energy, scientific skills and economic resources.

principali ghetti, campi i transito e carceri da dove gli ebrei e i prigionieri di altre nazionalità furono deportati ad Auschwitz
Principal ghettos, transit camps and prisons from where Jews and prisoners of other nationalities were deported to Auschwitz.


This map evidently illustrates the concept. In those dark times one could rightly say that “all roads lead to Auschwitz”, practically every European nation involved in the Second World War has seen its citizens deported and exterminated in Auschwitz.

To give this network of forced transfers a shape, there is also an estimate of the number of Jews deported, with reference to the different nations of provenance:

  • 430.000 from Hungary
  • 300.000 from Poland
  • 69.000 from France
  • 60.000 from the Netherlands
  • 55.000 from Greece
  • 46.000 from the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia
  • 27.000 from Slovakia
  • 25.000 from Belgium
  • 23.000 from Austria and Germany
  • 10.000 from Yugoslavia 
  • 7.500 from Italy
  • 690 from Norway

Over about 34,000 Jews transferred from other concentration camps.


numero di ebrei deportati
Number of Jews deported to Auschwitz
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