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Who were the nazis?

The Nazis were those who supported and shared the ideology of the National socialism, more commonly called Nazism.

National socialism is a political movement created in the first post-war period by Adolf Hitler, Gottfried Feder, Dietrich Eckart, Rudolf Hess, Hermann Göring and Alfred Rosenberg.

Adolf  Hitler wrote and published Mein Kampf in 1925, in which he explained his thoughts and the pillars of the ideology that brought to Nazism, fortunately only in part, to completion.

Hitler was inspired by the Darwinian idea of the late 1800s, misinterpreting them, taking them to extremes and adapting them to the idea that men are divided into races, with their own distinctive features and qualities, adopting furthermore the theory of “the strongest survives”.

The attempt at ideological legitimation was a constant of the entire Nazi movement, always looking for an excuse and cultural justification of the demented idea of the dominant race; for this philosophers (Hegel, Nietzsche…), composers (Wagner),  esoterism and occultism, and even myths and legendary characters (Thor, Odino, Parsifal…), among others were distorted.

Hitler believed intensely that the race determined the characteristics, skills, and the behaviour of every single individual, and that all these features were inevitably passed on from generation to generation.

Consequently, the “ideologic” objective of the Nazis was the conservation of the purity of one’s race, the Aryanism race, and to guarantee its progressive diffusion by conquering new territories and wiping out every track of what was considered different, therefore impure.


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