Wooden barracks - Memory makes us free

Wooden barracks

The wooden barracks were located on the right (sector BII and BI) and on the left (sector BIII Mexico and Effektenlager Kanada II) of the internal arrival ramp in Birkenau. Firstly they could accommodate about fifty horses; then, after the opportune modifications they could even accommodate a thousand prisoners.

Letti nelle baracche di legno
Beds in the wooden barracks

It is easy to understand what the conditions inside them could be like: the freezing cold and the oppressive heat  alternated between winter and summer, and the poor deportees found themselves in a state of absolute abandonment.

Baracca in legno fotografata all'atto della liberazione di Auschwitz
Wooden barracks photographed at the liberation of Auschwitz

It is possible to notice a fireplace and simple coal stoves in the center of this barrak, which theoretically were supposed to heat the inside..

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